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Oct 1, 2012 5:00pm PDT
: the report from the scene is 20 people were injured. according to amtrak none of the injuries were life threatening but they are not sure how serious the injuries were and they don't know what time the tracks will reopen but they plan to bus people till the tracks are cleared. cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. >> if you are looking for information on passengers, go to, then click on the tab. >>> this afternoon the albany unified school district confirmed a teacher who was arrested for lewd contact has died and it appears it was a suicide. the district says it received word of james izumizaki's death this morning from the sherriff's department. the teacher was accused of having a relationship with a former student who was under 14 at the time. they say counselors rill be able -- will be available for students tomorrow. >>> the search continues for two fisherman missing off the san mateo county. they fell into the water yesterday morning when their boat over turned near pigeon point south of half moon bay. they were four on board the boat. the other two men were wearing life jac
Sep 28, 2012 5:00pm PDT
breaking. >>> amtrak train operators testing position ors test positive for drugs and alcohol more frequently in the last six years. the report also said that mechanics and signal operators had the highest rate. the inspector general said that the conditions make a serious accident more likely. they say amtrak's management needs to test employees more often. >>> people in a small texas town are trying to find what's behind a object captured in the sky by google maps. a street view shows what some are calling a ufo. it appears to be flying above a popular part of town but residents say they have no idea what it is. >> what is that? a car in the sky? >> that is -- pretty -- amazing. >> i don't know. looks like a jellyfish. >> similar one can be seen? the sky city hotel in new mexico. google hasn't commented. >>> a dog was taken out of a pennsylvania pet store and was caught on tape. a couple came in and while the woman disadvantaged the manager the man stuffed the puppy under his shirt. they are seen leaving the store. the manager said the puppy cost a thousand dollars. police sa
Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
on the derailment of an amtrak train. investigators identified the driver of the big rig that the train crashed into. investigators say that they are looking to see if the truck malfunctioned or if medina was impaired. 40 people were hurt in all. the tracks reopened this morning. >>> google subsidiary motorola has quietly dropped lawsuit claims against apple. motorola filed the claim. google and apple are in talks to resolve their long running dispute over smart phone patents. >>> a federal judge today lifted a ban of samsung tablets. the jury there ordered samsung to pay apple more than $1 million nor infringement. >>> the heat wave sure continued here in the bay as temperatures approached record highs in some sports. bill martin joins us with the hot spots. >> its really is hot out there right now. these are the current temperatures you can see there. 101 in antioch. looks like you will see a record in antioch. boy it's just as hot as it was yesterday. in some places it's a little warmer. some places a little cooler. but here's the story. things aren't changing around. we're tracking fog that's of
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3